After playing BlackOps we decided to integrate Achievements and Unlocks into our Community Sourcing.
If you’re ambitious you will be the first person to ever get cSpring to climb a flight of stairs, or create a kick a ball.
If you are the first person to do this, then when you upload your code and it’s confirmed we will pay you a minimum of a 1000$ per achievement.
If you’re not the first person, say you’re in a class room setting and you are going over tutorials others have written, we will give you the unlock badges for each achievement you accomplish.
Crowd Sourcing or as we like to call it “Community Sourcing” like this is how we can get some truly rapid advancements in a very short time.
We hope you will join us.

Ultimately there is so much left to do! Now cSpring is at a point where we no longer have to do it all ourselves.
That’s the point of all of this, we wanted to build a platform so that ANYONE could work with biped robotics, and now we believe we have done that.

Achievement:     Pay
PCB MEGA integration:     $2,500.00
New robot capible of carrying 100lbs 10 feet using Cognitive Shield:    $1,000.00
New robot Quadrocopter using Cognitive Shield:    $1,000.00
Action Sequence to Stand from Fallen state:    $1,000.00
PCL integration:    $1,000.00
iPad and iPhone Integration:    $1,000.00
iPad Video Integration:    $1,000.00
Saving Positions:    $1,000.00
Saving Actions:    $1,000.00
Balance By Sensors:    $1,000.00
Balance By Vision:    $1,000.00
Stand on one foot:    $1,000.00
First Steps:    $1,000.00
First Stairs:    $1,000.00
Follow my Pose:    $1,000.00
Follow my Lead:    $1,000.00
Path Planning:     $1,000.00
3D Modeling environment:    $1,000.00
Physics Engine Model Integration:     $2,500.00
Model cSpring in Physics Engine:    $1,000.00
SLAM:    $2,500.00
Find and Kick a ball:    $1,000.00
Find and Kick a ball in any given direction:    $2,500.00
Sustained Run:    $2,500.00
Improved Ground Speed Hardware Designs:    $2,500.00
New Ideas:    $1,000.00
Total Payouts Available:    $35,000.00
First to break any component :   free replacement