Design Considerations for the Cognitive Shield

The cognitive shield is very full featured.
We have an integrated software controlled on off switch that you can control from your program. If you’ve ever worked with hardware you will know how helpful it is to power things down if your software goes crazy. It lets you have faster iterations and more rapid development.
The Shield reports back with the current voltage of the battery. This allows us to monitor our usage and take actions when your robot begins to run out of power.
The Cognitive Shield puts your battery directly to your servos and wont get in your way or limit your battery at all.
It’s smart because it lines up your sensor pins with the power and ground so you can run the most common 3.3v sensors with a single cable. There is even a switch to increase that voltage up to 5volts for the center port here. With the pins laid out like this it enables you to run your sensors with our clean cables and very little effort.
The cognitive shield brings sensors to your actuators with full battery power and the simplicity of the Arduino Mega.
It’s a Huge leap forward, and we’ve got even more features in store for the release versions.

Original Prototype-

Custom Design-

Great Hardware-
cognitive shield closeup

Next Generation Hardware-