Demonstration of cSpring taking his first small step in the right direction.

We’ve just been finishing our project building a Biped Educational Development Kit called cSpring.
In order to finish him we had to build another project called the Cognitive Shield.
We really hope to bring these two projects together by crowd sourcing and funding code sprints.

cSpring is a biped robot with an all aluminum chase.
He has 12 servos, 3 in each hip, 1 in each knee and 2 in each foot.
He is packed full of sensors on each bone to give real time orientation.
He can see everything using a primesense 3D Point Cloud kinect style camera.
and He is controled all through our cognive shield.

We didnt set out to build the Cognitive Shield but we found that we had to in order to finish cSpring.
The cognitive shield brings power and ground directly from the battery to the servos.
It ties in sensors very cleanly, By putting 3.3v power and ground next to the sensor pins you can quickly wire up new sensors for your rapid development.
the Shield has an On Off switch for controlling the battery as well as sensors built in for monitoring the batter Power while your working with cSpring.

But all of this would be for not without our software.
Our Xcode project is what ties everything all together.
We have all of our robot controls for doing complex motions like shifting left or bending a leg.
These simple commands control several servos all at once.
Our embedded code allows multiple servos to move simultaniously and smoothly.
Simultanious becuase every muscle can move together, and smoothly because when you tell the servo a position you also tell it how long you want it to take to get there.

All of this is abstracted for really easy controls such as Right Knee move this far.
You can combine commands together by attaching them with an andpersand.
The user interface shows you the output depth cloud from the camera, and the live feedback from each of the accelerometers.

We began with a simple goal,
Build an affordable biped robot that anyone can use.
We want it to be for anyone from High School to advanced researchers.
Our software makes takes the effort off of the hardware and onto the humanoid movements.
We hope you will agree that we’ve arrived at that goal.