Cognitive Spring is on a mission to level the playing field between universities.
When I was getting my masters degree from Washington University, it made me kinda sad that I couldn’t do any robotics research on biped robots. In fact very few universities still today have any biped robotics research. Virginia Tech is one of the Few universities with the resources and collaboration required to forge true biped robotics research.

We see this as a massive opportunity for us. We seek to bring the cost of Biped research and development down to levels where educators can fully take advantage of biped development.

Why Humanoid-
This is truly a unique time for Biped robotics. DARPA the government organization responsible for the instigation of so much research with self driving vehicles has set their eyes on Humanoid robotics. DARPA’s next challenge is for a robot which can drive a car to a remote location, use a normal saw-zall to cut a hole in the wall, then find and turn off a large valve in a remote location.

Many universities and researchers are not currently in a position to do development on this challenge because it requires so much effort to get biped robotics development started from scratch.

Cognitive Spring is in a position to help. Our robot could be used by researchers to perfect their algorithms and as a template for how larger robots could be constructed. We hope that our cSpring becomes the Arduino of Humanoid Robotics.