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our mission

Cognitive Spring focuses on giving students the ability to work with biped robotics today.

‘Humanoid’ robots are most important because we live in an ergonomically designed world where everything around us has been made specifically for us. In order for robots to really utilize our human world we will need them to be designed like us.

  • Collaborate
    Cognitive Spring creates open platforms to encourage people to collaborate. As a part of a larger team, we can achieve so much more.
  • Empower
    Cognitive Spring exists to empower others by simplifying robotics into tools that people around the world can use.
  • Sharing
    Cognitive Spring envisions a future where robotics provides more people the ability to share and own their great ideas.
  • Forward Looking
    Cognitive Spring expresses itself through aggressive iterations. Always moving forward: learning from each moment and excelling through successes.

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