cSpring takes a small step in the right direction.

cSpring picks up his Left foot and places it down in a balanced place in front of him before transfecting weight to it.

To make this video we spent about an hour defining the set of poses that we clicked between for the final video. This highlights our rapid development process. From each pose we manipulated the legs with our action commands till we were happy with the next pose. We just saved each pose once we were happy with them, and made sure that cSpring could get from each pose to the next without requiring active stability.

Once each pose was defined, we simply clicked between them in the Saved Poses screen which is why it looks so smooth in the video.

Following this example we could define far more complex motions by creating Sequences  and Naming them. For example this video uses the poses {Squat, Stand, ShiftedRight, StandingOnRightLeg, LeftLegForward, LeftToeTouchingGround, WeighOnLeftFoot} in that order. We could name that sequence “SquatToWeightOnLeftFoot” then call it with a simple single command.

This abstraction highlights the power of our API’s by allowing you to do more and more complex actions with simpler and simpler commands.


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